Tasha Aulls
Born 1972

Aulls’ psycho-spiritual landscapes locate themselves somewhere between sensory perception and cultural constructs of wilderness. Trying to find a way out of dualistic perceptions of self vs. other and Nature vs. Culture, landscape becomes a site of passage from the material to the spiritual and back again. Landscape is depicted as a place of physical and material dissolution, and it’s images and symbols are in turn the psyches’ site of transcendence. Images act as a kind of interface between real space and psychic space. As part of the landscape we inhabit, they allow full passage for the psyche to venture into material space and vice -versa. The liquid and dissolving nature of the images, reflects their refusal to remain in any fixed state of being or closed ideology. The only constant is the persistence of an open-ended potential.

Having been offered her first solo show at p|m Gallery in Toronto, Tasha Aulls’s work has entered the collection of the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Baie Saint-Paul in Quebec and has been regularly exhibited at Toronto International Art Fair. Graduating from MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths in 2009, Aulls has since exhibited in South Korea, Austria, Canada and England.

Solo & Duo Exhibitions
Lucky Dip, The Woodmill, London, UK
Between the Big Bang and the Big Bomb, p|m Gallery, Toronto, ON

Selected Group Exhibitions
Heliotrope, Vulpes Vulpes, London UK
7. jurierte, Bäckerstrasse 4, Vienna, Austria
Exquisite Corpse, Core Gallery, London, UK
The Devils Necktie, The Woodmill, London, UK
Flexible Aura, Brain Factory, Seoul, South Korea
Chinese Whispers, Sassoon Gallery, London, UK
Group|Grope, Unit 10, London, UK
Part 1, The Apple Tree, London, UK
Metamorphose 2, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK
Gold and Delicious, The Apple Tree, London, UK
Prickle and Gleam, p|m Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Potentially Mighty, p|m Gallery, Toronto, Canada
pARTy, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Apertura, Apertura, Toronto, Canada
Art with Heart, Casey House Foundation, Toronto, Canada

Art Fairs
Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

Oasis Of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International
Centre d’Art Contemporain de Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec

Carte Blanche Vol.2: Painting, Magenta Publishing for the Arts, 2008
Prickle and Gleam, exhibition catalogue with essay by Chloe Fraser, 2008
Otino Corsano, Artist Interviews Tasha Aulls, 2006
Art Daily, 28 August 2006

Grants and Awards
Axis MA Stars, London, UK
Ontario Arts Council Emerging Visual Artists Grant

MFA Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
DEC in Fine Arts, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada